You have goals. We have the expertise to help you achieve them.

Our expert consultants — all of whom are certified by SEBI — are fully equipped to understand your need and risk appetite, build a customised financial plan, and manage your portfolio end to end. Over 700 clients would happily attest to this.

Our Team

Prashanth Prabhu

Founder & Principal Investment Adviser

Shamshad Sheriff

Director, Business Operations & Strategy

Ajeet Pandey


Sujatha Ananthraman


Lavanya Kumar

Managing Consultant

Kanchan Chhablani

Senior Sales Support

Savitha Vijaykumar

Senior Accounts & Compliance Consultant

Rohit Nair

Marketing Lead

Shweta Gaba


Sheren Susairaj

Marketing Associate

Monika Jain

Executive - Client Accounts & Compliance

Premnath Prabhu

Chief Compliance Officer