Our financial services are carefully built to suit your needs while helping grow your net worth.

Financial Planning

Behind every successful portfolio lies a sound financial strategy. At 29k, we leverage our in-depth investment expertise to build a financial plan tailored to your needs and expectations. This plan is designed to efficiently respond to market forces and will remain the foundation on which we grow your investments.

We help build your wealth by

Analysing your current financial position

Understanding your goals and their timelines

Estimating the value of
each goal

Determining your future financial position

Identifying gaps in your present investments

Building a financial strategy to plug the gaps

Investment Advice

At 29k, we employ a proven method of building wealth, from the ground up, to ensure you always stay on track. This translates to a powerful package of liquidity, periodic income, and boosted returns for greater flexibility and accelerated growth!

We help build your wealth by

step 1 Distributing your funds between growth and non-growth assets

step 2 Choosing investment vehicles to match your objectives

step 3 Personalising your investments to ensure tax benefits

step 4 Performing periodic gap analysis to ensure progress

step 5 Rebalancing your investments to optimise ROI

Prosperity Architecture — The 29k Investment Model

This model is a three-tier approach to building a strong and sustainable passive income stream, with each level bringing you one step closer to financial freedom.


Assets to ensure security and flexibility

Recommended asset allocation: 50%


Assets to create a steady stream of income

Recommended asset allocation: 30%


Assets to amplify your wealth

Recommended asset allocation: 20%